IDRF Annual General Meeting 2015

IDRF held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 15, 2015.                                                          

During the session it presented its audited Financial Statements for the fiscal year 2015 and elected its Board of Directors for the year 2016. Zeib Jeeva, O.Ont, Chair of the Board, presented the Chairman’s Report and gave an overview of the major achievements of the past year.

Javed Akbar, Vice Chair & Treasurer, provided detailed explanations of the IDRF audited Financial Statements. Members were pleased to see the very positive Financial results for the year.

Zeib Jeeva was commended for the completion of his first successful year as Chair of the Board.

Mr. Jeeva noted that IDRF has recently launched its 2 Million Dollar Drive for the Syrian Refugee Crisis to assist with relief aid overseas as well as the sponsorship and settlement of refugees in Canada. He called for everyone’s support in raising funds and awareness for this special undertaking.

The Nominations Committee presented a Board slate for the elections, which was elected by a majority vote. The Board of Directors for 2016 includes:

Zeib Jeeva, Winston Kassim, Javed Akbar, Nurhan Aycan, Yasmeen Siddiqui, Seema Rizvi, Samir Dossal, Mukhtar Rehamtulla, Reza Rizvi, Shahzad Siddiqui, Marzia Hassan, Yasmeena Mohamed, as well as newly elected Afiq Subedar and Hamsa Diab.

IDRF Founder, Dr. Ahmet F Sahin, O. Ont, offered the closing remarks and prayers. He commented on IDRF’s tireless efforts and growth over the last 30 years, stating that during this time of crisis in the world, it is crucial for IDRF’s supporters to restore faith in humanity through actions big and small. He ended with a prayer to God for IDRF’s continued growth and strength as well as for the unrelenting dignity of mankind.

The AGM was then adjourned.