Ambulatory Care throughout Pakistan

11 December, 2015 Pakistan, Health
In a crisis, every second counts. IDRF and Edhi Foundation are ensuring rapid medical care reaches underserved communities. In Pakistan, government administered health facilities are severely limited and emergency services – like ambulances – for a medical crisis or during disasters and other calamities are next to nil. As ambulances are a critical requirement for saving lives, the number of fatalities at the time of a disaster directly depends on the timely arrival of an ambulance.

Especially in rural areas, government resources are even more limited and since distances are greater, operation costs are higher and ambulances are almost non-existent.

IDRF is privileged to be joining hands with such a renowned humanitarian organization which has a wide network of emergency facilities and ambulances that provide free and fast services to anyone affected by road accidents, explosions, natural disasters or terrorism.

Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi – founder of the Edhi Foundation and the Edhi Welfare Trust – is recognized as a pioneer in providing organized social services in Pakistan. Starting with the Edhi Trust, he has created an exemplary network of one of the best social welfare service providers across the world, which has been running since over 50 years on a non-commercial, non-political and non-communal basis, serving round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class and creed.

The Edhi Foundation has experience working in unstable security situations and is trusted by all agencies, government administrations, private organizations who allow Edhi ambulances to pick up the injured in the wake of emergencies. IDRF welcomes donation to future IDRF-EDHI projects.



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