Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

10 January, 2015 Yemen
In the midst of a nearly two year old conflict that has engulfed Yemen, an estimated 44,000 people have been killed  or injured, with more than 3 million forced from their homes. The already fragile situation has deteriorated dramatically, and now nearly 21.1 million Yemenis or a staggering 81 percent of the population are in need of some form of humanitarian or protection assistance.

These statistics illustrate a desperate situation that calls for immediate assistance from humanitarian organizations and their supporters.

To help alleviate these dire conditions, IDRF is supporting the efforts of UNHCR to distribute relief aid to Yemen’s beleaguered citizens. We have worked with UNHCR in the past, for example, to secure basic needs for those fleeing mass violence and persecution in Myanmar (Burma). IDRF is proud to once again help to ensure that vulnerable residents receive the urgent assistance they need to survive such as emergency shelter, food and medical aid.

Please donate generously so that we can continue our mission to provide hope and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable people.


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