Harvesting Water in the Desert

14 October, 2015 India, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
IDRF is bringing innovative water access solutions and farming strategies to drought-affected communities in Rajasthan, India. Identified as one of the most arid regions within Asia, the Thar Desert, is partly located in the Rajasthan state of Northern India and partly in the Punjab and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

It is particularly known for its erratic rainfall and mostly dry, climatic conditions where little or no development has been done. The Thar Desert is also one of the most economically backward regions of India as well as Pakistan.

Being extremely drought prone, the area suffers from an acute lack of potable, drinking water and its inhabitants, with extremely poor health. Along with the prevalent water crises, frequent droughts cause a great loss in agricultural produce as well which results in severe nutritional deficiency.

In India, IDRF project comprises viable local interventions including rainwater harvesting and water purification. This is also saving women the labour of trudging for miles to procure water for their families. IDRF is also planting fruit trees which will improve the nutrition sources for the inhabitants.

Photo Credit:Yavuz Sariyildiz/Shutterstock.com


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