Gujarat India Floods

On Sunday, July 3rd, heavy rains caused the river Mesri banks to overflow and burst, flooding the area of Navabhapura in Godhra, a major city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The floods washed away the homes and property of 500 families, rendering them homeless without food or water.

The Navrachna School, operated by the Janaseva Education Trust (IDRF’s local partner organization) also bore the brunt of the flood, leading to damaged school equipment, including books, electronics, furniture, and the recently funded IDRF computer lab intended to increase computer literacy among school children. The damaged school site is now being used as a shelter by hundreds of displaced people.

While we have established a solid track record of rapidly responding to crises around the world, we could never serve as many people in need without the support of generous donors like you.

Your kind donations are essential to enabling IDRF to help the Janaseva Education Trust repair the Navrachna School and replace its damaged equipment. With your continued support, IDRF can also help the affected local community, which is also home to Navrachna schoolchildren. Please donate to “IDRF India Flood Relief” and join us in helping the community recover from this natural disaster.


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