Happy International Literacy Day!

Reading is a powerful tool that opens up new possibilities, bridges communities and enables people to become more connected to their society. Around the world, illiteracy rates have dropped and more young people are seizing opportunities through greater access to education. Indigenous youth have also made great progress in terms of their scholastic achievements, becoming more educated than previous indigenous generations. Yet, despite this progress, too many still lag behind their non-indigenous counterparts.
In light of International Literacy Day, we are proud to help indigenous children excel in and out of the classroom. As such, we are excited to see the continuing development of our Licensed to Learn (L2L) indigenous education pilot project, which was launched in partnership with the Jays Care Foundation during the 2015-2016 school year. Last year, this program served 28 indigenous children in 2 Toronto schools, connecting students with peer indigenous tutors who offered personalized attention to help students improve their grades, as well as develop their leadership and mentorship skills.
Last year’s programs were such a great success that we’re already planning programs for next year! We invite you to share the hashtag #LiteracyDay with your friends and family and help us support childhood literacy today!