ICSR Acknowledgement of Support

ICSR (Iranian Canadians for Syrian Refugees) partnered with IDRF to support Syrian Refugees who are struggling to cope with the crisis in its 5th year. 

IDRF is most appreciative of ICSR for arranging a successful fundraiser gala with 700 attendees, that raised over $100,000 for relief aid for Syrian refugees.

In recognition for their tremendous support IDRF Chair, Zeib Jeeva, presented a plaque to Ali Vakili and ICSR on Sunday, April 10, 2016. He was accompanied by IDRF Vice Chair & Treasurer, Javed Akbar. This was greatly appreciated by the ICSR team including Steve Tabrizi, Houshang Shans, Marjan Moridi-Arcuri & Sherry Tabai. IDRF Director of Programs, Jessica Ferne who was also present at the event, shared a presentation on the current status of the crisis, highlighting her findings from a recent trip to the region.

IDRF looks forward to working even more closely with ICSR to tackle the challenges that communities in these and other regions face, and help the people in need.