IDRF Gala 2016

At IDRF, we are blessed to have very generous donors; you support our programs and events and enable us to help some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

Last Friday, we launched celebrations of Canada’s upcoming Sesquicentennial by hosting a very successful sold-out Annual Gala. The lineup for our elegant soiree featured our key speaker, Susan Aglukark, Inuk singer / songwriter and social activist, who dazzled us with her amazing presentation about the life, challenges and hopes of our Northern communities.

The Emcee of the night, Mark Strong, well known for hosting the Junos, regaled us with his wit and humour and skillfully kept the event moving and our guests entertained. As part of the celebrations, four outstanding Canadians were given awards for their exceptional contributions to humanitarian causes at home and abroad.

Through the generous support of our sponsors and guests for this great night, many needy people in developing countries will be able to live more purposeful, dignified lives by having greater access to water, education and healthcare.

More photos from: The Gala 2016, Media wall