IDRF visit to Badawwi Camp

Reza Rizvi, Vice Chair of  IDRF, recently visited Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.                                                         

He saw first hand the relief aid work of IDRF & met some of our beneficiaries. Here are a few of his observations &  pictures from the field.

“Located in Northern Lebanon in the coastal city of Tripoli, about 30 min.  from the Syrian border.  Overcrowded camp with 40k + people, old buildings, narrow streets, dangling electrical wires & poor sanitation.

Surprising number of children in the camp; most are under the age of 10 and not a single playground for them.  Children seen playing in the streets or any open area they can find, and even created their games around garbage dumpsters and open sewage.

We can make a difference!

IDRF shelter rehabilitation program helped rebuild 31 homes and we distributed emergency hygiene kits to 1,090 families.

Despite obvious hardships and despair, there was still plenty of reason to be hopeful.  Smiling children in the streets and art students at a centre funded by an NGO.  Every bit makes a difference and gives dignity to those who have lost so much and have so little.”