IDRF’s 2 Million Dollar Drive

IDRF  (International Development and Relief Foundation) has launched a Two Million Dollar Drive.                                                        

This is in response to the Syrian Emergency Crisis working together with GTA mosques, imams and community leaders.

The drive for Syrian Refugee Relief was officially launched at a Press Conference which was held at the Toronto City Hall on Tuesday, October 6 and hosted by Councilor, Joe Cressy.

IDRF Chair, Zeib Jeeva said that working together with community leaders, imams and GTA mosques, IDRF is pledging to raise two million dollars as an urgent call for Action for Syria. Urging fellow Canadians dedicated towards improving the terrible sufferings of Syrian refugees to join IDRF. 

“It is essential that communities, faith-based organizations, individuals, policy makers and government representatives should all come together to address the sufferings of the people fleeing Syria.” – Zeib Jeeva

IDRF responds to the Crisis in Syria with a Two million Dollar Drive

IDRF will be raising funds for the Syrian Refugee Crisis through a two-pronged approach – for lifesaving assistance of Syrian refugees overseas and for local programming to sponsor and resettle refugees in Canada.

IDRF has been providing emergency assistance to Syrian refugees since the conflict began and over the past decade has launched 15 projects for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, providing over $900,000 in assistance through Household Essentials, Food Aid and Shelter & Repair of emergency housing of refugees.

Councillor, Joe Cressy who had earlier opened the proceedings said, “It [the Syrian Crisis] is a global humanitarian issue and it is incumbent upon all of us to step up. What IDRF is proposing to do is reflective of what is happening in the country – Torontonians stepping forward to help others in need.”

Also attending the conference was Minister Reza Moridi accompanied by MPP Indira Naido and several mosque representatives and community leaders. Minister Moridi stated, “The Syrian Crisis is a crisis for the whole humanity and it is our duty to respond. IDRF as usual has stepped forward to help through their excellent emergency response system.”

Partnering with Lifeline Syria IDRF will be now also be working locally with the Syrian community to sponsor refugees fleeing Syria to come as permanent immigrants and to settle in the GTA.

IDRF has more than thirty years of experience in responding to emergencies all over the world and supported by its community of donors, IDRF has been awarded a Top 25 Canadian Charity ranking by the Financial Post – chosen from amongst 86,000 Canadian charities.