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Donate this winter for Emergency Relief Kits for Syrian refugees! PDF Print E-mail


Text SYRIA to 30333 to donate $5 to IDRF and give these beleagured families some tangible help this winter.

  • Over 2 million Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries to escape the internal conflict and bloodshed.
  • The displaced families lack everything, including food and hygiene items.
  • They are unable to afford sufficient daily food for all their family members, so are compelled to skip meals and reduce portion sizes.
  • They also lack basic hygiene items - necessities such as soap and toothpaste - that we take for granted, but which have become luxuries for them.
  • The winter conditions are making it harder for them to survive.

    Please support Syrian Refugees:

    • $50 = 1 Children's Winter Kit (Clothes, books, toys, etc) 
    • $50 = 1 Food Kit per family
    • $50 = 1 Hygiene Kit per family
    • $100 = Both Kits for each family

    IDRF has already assisted many Syrian refugees including children and female-headed households, living in very poor, cramped and inadequate conditions in Lebanon. But many thousands Syrian refugees still need help. 
    Click here to make a secure online donation or call our toll free number 1-866-497-4373. Tax-deductible receipts will be issued to anyone donating $10 or more.

IDRF & Water PDF Print E-mail


Text WATER to 20222 to donate $5 for IDRF’s water campaign and help supply clean water to school children in Gaza or help build a water well in Pakistan/ Tanzania.

Water is a basic building block of life – a crucial natural resource. Access to safe water is linked to food security, health and hygiene. Water scarcity leads to the stalling of human progress and unsafe water contributes to the spread of cholera, dysentery, malaria, typhoid and diarrhoea.

Over the past 15 years, IDRF has dug over 100 water wells in Africa & South Asia and provided clean water through water points and water tanks, including in the Middle East.

IDRF and Muslim Welfare Centre to provide safe shelter for a community in need PDF Print E-mail


IDRF is proud to announce a new development project launched in collaboration with the Muslim Welfare Centre – a Toronto based charitable organization – to construct safe and secure shelters for families in the flood affected village of Qadir Baksh Rind in Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan.

With thousands of people in Pakistan`s rural areas affected by the torrential rains and the subsequent floods of 2010-2011, the villagers have been living in temporary shelters after losing all their possessions. The province of Sind was one of the hard hit areas and the people of Dadu had been neglected in the aftermath of the flood. IDRF has successfully completed two shelter projects in Dadu with 60 family homes being built in village Pir Mashaikh in 2012, and a further expansion in 2013 when 86 additional shelters were built – 30 in the remote village of Hamzo Lund and 56 for the poor community in Jurio Lund.

Now through the generous support of Muslim Welfare, IDRF will be constructing 80 shelters in the village of Qadir Baksh Rind, thus providing a home to approximate 600 people as the average family size comprises seven people per household. The villagers here are at high risk from potential impact from future floods and all the shelters built by IDRF are made with bricks, thus providing the village people with durable homes and protection again harsh weather conditions.

This exciting collaboration between IDRF and Muslim Welfare Association brings together two Canadian-based NGOs with a desire to improve the lives of people in need. Leveraging IDRF’s expertise in community rebuilding and resiliency development in Pakistan this project will not only provide family homes but also build livestock shelters for the community. Once this first phase is completed, both organizations will collaborate to provide additional rehabilitation and sustainable development initiatives for this flood-affected community.

Please contact us to learn more about this and other exciting projects for Pakistan families in need.

IDRF Mourns the Passing Away of Nelson Mandela PDF Print E-mail


Toronto, Ontario, December 5, 2013: IDRF (International Development & Relief Foundation) joins the world in profound sorrow at the passing away of Nelson Mandela.

“Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest and most universally admired and beloved human beings of our times,” said Winston Kassim, CM, Chair of the Board of IDRF. “As we mourn the loss of this titan of a man that was our Madiba, IDRF Board, staff and many of our supporters feel deeply privileged to have had the opportunity to have met him in person and to have assisted his cause for children through his ‘Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund’. We will never forget his charismatic personality, his sparkling sense of humour and his deep humility. For IDRF, apart from his valour in the struggle against apartheid, he was the ultimate role model of unfailing patience, indomitable courage in the face of great personal suffering, generous forgiveness and the power of reconciliation. Above all we will remember Madiba for his tremendous caring for vulnerable children and his deep empathy for anyone who was suffering through injustice and poverty.”

May God grant Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela a tranquil and peaceful existence in the Great Hereafter.

IDRF presented with cheque by IFT PDF Print E-mail


IDRF is pleased to announce the very generous donation given by the Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT) for IDRF’s Development and Relief/Rehabilitation projects. Mr Javaid Khan, President of IFT is seen here presenting a cheque for $105,000 for IDRF’s maternal-child health facility in Kisumu, Kenya. The donation will go a long way in allowing IDRF to provide proper medical assistance to most of the people living in that area by undertaking necessary rehabilitation and refurbishment of the building with vital medical equipment, in order to turn it into a functioning maternal-child clinic.

Additionally, IFT also gave a cheque of $50,000 for IDRF’s project in Lebanon for Syrian refugees, a pledge that President Javaid Khan had made at IDRF’s 15th Annual Gala.

IDRF thanks Javaid Khan and the Majlis of IFT for this magnanimous support.

PHOTO: IFT President, Javaid Khan, presenting the cheque to IDRF Chair, Winston Kassim, CM. Also in the picture are IDRF Treasurer/Vice Chair Zeib Jeeva and IDRF Vice Chair Javed Akbar, and Members of IFT Majlis.

Pakistan - Supporting Learning Innovations at SMB Fatima Jinnah Girls School PDF Print E-mail

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CURRENT PROJECTdonate_button_copy.jpg

More than 85% of Pakistani children are enrolled in public government-run schools. Now in it’s fifth year, this demonstration project aims to reform one government school to serve as a model site for educational policy reforms in public schools across the province.