Happy International Day of the World’s Indigenous People!

This year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples theme is a right to education and in honour of this day, we’re happy to celebrate the educational achievements of Canadian aboriginals. Young aboriginals are better educated than older aboriginal Canadians, with greater numbers graduating from high school, college and university than ever before.

Yet, despite these gains, they still lag behind their non-aboriginal counterparts in educational attainment. Aboriginal Canadians also generally earn less than average non-Aboriginal Canadians and have higher rates of homelessness, suicide and risks of substance abuse.

So what can we do?

IDRF has been passionately devoted to helping aboriginal children reach their full potential, supporting the Eel Ground School Breakfast Club in the Eel Ground First Nations Reserve of New Brunswick, to improve nutrition among aboriginal school age children.

Currently, our youth peer mentorship program, License to Learn (L2L), amongst our education programs, is thriving. These programs are helping aboriginal children receive invaluable mentorship from fellow aboriginal and non-aboriginal students at Toronto schools. Last year’s programs were such a big success that we’re already planning programs for next year!

There’s still a lot more for us to do; join us to help children live up to their potential by learning more about our programs. Show your support by sharing the hashtag #WeAreIndigenous on social media!