The Syrian conflict has raged for six years, resulting in nearly 14 million people who are in need of humanitarian aid and over 6 million displaced Syrians.

The carnage to the Syrian city of Aleppo has sparked mass migrations into neighbouring communities. As these vulnerable people flee the violence, they are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance to safeguard their health and safety. With the rising cost of basic necessities, it has become continually harder to survive.

To help mitigate this immense humanitarian crisis, IDRF is pleased to partner again with Global Medic to respond to the needs of these displaced people by distributing WASH Kits (containing hygiene and health supplies and water purification tablets) for approximately 6,600 people. IDRF will help coordinate the logistics of providing crucially needed supplies to these vulnerable people, while good hearted Canadians from the Syrian community, students and Members of Parliament will help package the WASH kits for future distribution.

IDRF has begun working with International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation (IBC) to distribute food packages for 400 internally displaced Syrian households in Akhtarin, 40 kilometres from Central Aleppo. These packages contain healthy food, such as lentils, rice, beans and wheat, that can fulfill one families’ nutritional needs for a month.

The humanitarian situation in Syria remains dire: Join us as we help to provide basic essentials to vulnerable people living in one of the most precarious environments on earth.

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Additional IDRF Programs for Syrian Refugees

Helping to Give Refugees a Voice

Refugees are arguably the world’s most vulnerable people; uprooted from their past lives amidst a backdrop of trauma with no stable home or future, their tenuous situations exact enormous mental and physical tolls.