Skate 4 Syrians

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2nd Annual Skate for Syrians, organized by the Young Professionals Council (YPC) of IDRF.

Blessed with great weather and a perfect indoor/outdoor venue, participants had an amazing time skating for a worthy cause and enjoying some hot chocolate and baked goods in the presence of great company. All proceeds raised during the event, including the silent auction and through crowdfunding will be used to support Syrian refugee children in Lebanon with disabilities and mental health illnesses.

Among the many participants were IDRF-YPC members (Anjum, Muzna, Muhammad, Noman, Shafaq and Seema), IDRF Board members (Zeib Jeeva, Reza Rizvi and Seema Rizvi), IDRF staff (Farheen, Elyas & Dulaa) & even a few local celebrities including Momin Qureshi from 680 News! Although there were many highlights throughout the night, the exuberance of all the children as they skated was a delight to watch. This includes children of recently settled Syrian refugee families whose resilience and commitment to learning something new and becoming a part of the Canadian fabric was inspirational! We look forward to seeing you at another IDRF-YPC event soon. For details on the activities of the Young Professionals Council, visit http://www.idrfypc.com.


Now is the time to give

The news out of Syrian cities and towns continues to shock and sadden, with an estimated 13.5 million people, including 6 million children, in need of emergency relief. In the midst of the ongoing violence that has raged for nearly six years, humanitarian agencies are struggling to provide emergency aid to the continuous needs of at risk people.

What we’re doing:

The large population of Syrians who fled for their lives are now refugees scattered far from home, trying to stay alive. During these cold winter months, there is danger that the refugees may succumb to the cold and malnourishment.

IDRF has been helping provide vitally needed winter clothing and fuel for cooking to residents of Lebanon settlements. We have also been providing mental health support for Syrian refugee children who have witnessed and are still experiencing psychological traumas.

What you can do:

IDRF’s two events, Spread the Warmth and Skate 4 Syria, are dedicated to providing substantial relief to Syrian refugees.

  • The Spread the warmth event on December 31st is a fitting way to give back to vulnerable people in need this holiday season. Join us as we distribute vitally needed warm winter clothing and fuel supplies for vulnerable people in Lebanon settlements and to homeless people in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Our Skate4Syria event on February 11th will be a fun filled evening of skating, hot chocolate and baked goods to help us raise money vulnerable Syrians in need. All proceeds from this event will go towards providing refugee children with ongoing mental health support in the form of music, play, and drama therapy; as well, their caregivers will receive training to improve their abilities to support at risk children with mental health needs. These services will then help Syrian refugee children begin to heal from traumas that they have suffered.

Help us to provide warmth, food and mental health counselling to the most vulnerable people in the world.

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