Today, for many, marks the start of summer and an opportunity for Canadians to shed their winter gloom and embrace the sunny side of life for a few months. June, for most Canadians, means sun, beaches and a break from the grind of work. And for Muslims, June is currently the Holy month of Ramadan.

But today is also special because it marks UN World Refugee Day, an opportunity for the world to focus on the over 80 million people who are currently displaced worldwide due to conflicts, natural disasters, climate change, poverty and other crises.

For over thirty years, IDRF has been at the forefront of major humanitarian crises around the world. We have actively worked to alleviate the immense hardships that are experienced by refugees, many of whom are often women and children. For example, for the past five years, IDRF has been delivering necessary relief aid and providing sustainable solutions to help those who escaped the Syria conflict and took refuge in Lebanon and Turkey.

Your support has made a significant difference in the lives of millions of displaced people whose plight highlights the continued need for critical aid. By donating, you can help more people than ever before.

Join us today to celebrate the courage and resilience of refugees by sharing the hashtag #WorldRefugeeDay and visit us here to learn how you can continue to give your support.
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