Join our One Drop campaign this Ramadan and become a part of the Ocean of Change!

Water, the basic building block of life is crucially needed for every aspect of our living. Yet, it is a scare resource in many parts of the world and the statistics are grim. Following are water projects that IDRF is supporting this Ramadan.

IDRF Water Programs

Clean Water, Brighter Futures in Tharparkar

Tharparkar is one of the most water insecure regions of Pakistan, we are installing Hand Pumps to supply clean water to local villages

Harvesting Water in the India's Thar Desert

IDRF is bringing innovative water access solutions and farming strategies to drought-affected communities in Rajasthan, India

Safe Drinking Water for Schools in Gaza

Reliable access to drinking water has made a world of difference to the children in Gaza. Currently, available water in Gaza is unreliable and not fit for consumption

Water Filteration Kits in Somalia

To address the cholera outbreak in Somalia, we have sent 1500 water filtration kits and we plan to continue our distribution efforts on the ground

Together we can help underprivileged children, women and men access clean drinking water and improve their lives, one drop at a time.

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Note: At IDRF we are committed to managing your funds and being accountable to you as our donors with full transparency. To do this, we are committed to ensuring that the funds you have selected are designated to the appropriate country. In the event IDRF receives funds that cannot be designated to the country selected, then please know that the funds will be redirected to support other vulnerable communities that are in urgent need.