As a proudly Canadian-founded and Canadian headquartered organization, IDRF is uniquely and ideally positioned to respond to the needs of Canadians from coast to coast to coast, and to develop and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges of our future.

Through our Canadian programs, IDRF engages diverse communities nationwide to address urgent crises and lead long-term community development.


IDRF is actively investing in the success of our future generations. Our flagship Canadian program, Licensed to Learn, provides over 3,500 children and youth from across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area each year with the means to excel in school and beyond. Through free academic support and leadership opportunities, students develop the critical skills that they need to succeed: self-confidence, independent problem-solving, mentorship, and more. Our program specifically targets communities of youth who are typically excluded from, or unable to afford, these essential programs. At the senior levels, our students often leverage their experience in the program for volunteer hours or school credit, and even to secure their first job!

Looking ahead, IDRF is expanding our work in youth leadership beyond the school environment, in order to provide vulnerable and underserved youth with the training, professional networks, and practical experience they need to be ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


IDRF wants youth to play a lead role in our organization. Through our Young Professionals Council and Youth Council of Calgary, young IDRF teams are constantly designing new and exciting ways of serving their communities. Our youth network in Ottawa is also building, so if you are a youth in those cities and want to learn more, contact us.



IDRF is proud to support the resettlement process for refugee and newcomer families. Whether through refugee support initiatives, or employment skills training programs for newcomer women, IDRF provides new Canadians with the tools and support they need to make Canada their home.



Helping our neighbours is a central part of who we are as Canadians. IDRF teams have mobilized to deliver winter survival kits to refugee and newcomer families experiencing homelessness in our cities, and packed lifesaving water purification and hygiene kits to assist thousands of drought-affected people in Somalia. Collaborating with other dedicated Canadian groups, we have delivered household clean up kits to Ontario and Quebec families affected by floods, provided nutritious breakfasts to indigenous children in New Brunswick, stocked local food banks, supported the creation of safe urban play spaces for youth, and rallied to rebuild homes after the devastating fires of Fort McMurray. In all of these responses, we are aided by IDRF’s national roster of incredible volunteers – to join us, sign up here.