Clean Water, Healthy Children

30 August, 2019 Palestine, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

The water crisis in Gaza is escalating and resulting in an ongoing struggle to access clean water for nearly 2 million residents. Groundwater pollution caused by high levels of salinity, chloride and nitrogen in addition to contamination of the main water reservoir has led to the spread of many water-borne diseases and illnesses, such as Cholera and Typhoid. The lack of clean water across Gaza is rapidly becoming a leading cause of preventable death. For many Gazans, access to clean water is further challenged by high levels of unemployment, low purchasing power and massive infrastructural damage.

Our Response

IDRF is currently responding to the water crisis in Gaza by providing clean, potable water to several schools across the Gaza Strip. Clean water is provided to the schools daily once thoroughly tested by water inspection agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Palestinian Water Authority. Each school is provided with 1,000 liters of clean water, which benefits students, school teachers and staff as well as the community which uses the schools on weekends as they are considered safe places.

  • A donation of $250 CAD will provide a single school with clean water for one month.
  • A donation of $3,000 CAD will provide a single school with clean water for one year.

Your support will continue to help the children and youth of Gaza have access to safe drinking water.