Clean Water, Healthy Children

30 August, 2019 Pakistan, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Lifesaving water that’s closer to home-Tharparkar water wells and sanitation project.


Tharparkar is currently in the midst of a sweltering heatwave. It is one of the most water insecure regions of Pakistan, experiencing frequent droughts. As a result, this climate has led to disastrous results for Tharparkar residents, for whom water for drinking, cooking, washing and other household uses is so scarce. The quest for clean water is an arduous one: residents, mainly women, must travel several kilometres per day to fetch water which poses significant physical risks.

Our Response

In partnership with our excellent local partner, Sukaar Foundation, we install hand pumps that serve the villagers.

In addition, we also install community-friendly latrines and hand washing stations and conduct Health and Hygiene sessions for community members.

The benefits of this project are tremendous: with the installation of more hand pumps, latrines and wells that are in closer proximity to villages, and more practical and informative hygiene sessions, Tharparkar residents will have easy access to clean water and enjoy better health.

  • $850 will help install a water pump that can be used by many families