Clean Water, Healthy Children

30 August, 2019 Yemen, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Breaking through the chaos to deliver what’s most important: IDRF’s Yemen Water Well project.


As the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen progresses into its fourth year, the war-torn country is contending with the spread of cholera and other water-borne diseases caused by the contamination of the country’s water supply. There is inadequate water sources or infrastructure in the camps and in the City of Mukalla, which is where most of the internally displaced people are located. With the proliferation of contaminated water, cholera has spread rapidly within Yemen, totalling 311,288 cases and resulting in 401 deaths.

Our Response

To help mitigate and address this pressing humanitarian water and hygiene crisis, we are installing solar-powered water wells in Sabwa town. The sites selected for the construction of these Solar Water wells are neighborhoods that are overpopulated by IDPs who have fled from Hodeidah to Sabwa and where the water shortage and the hygiene conditions are particularly severe. The project is providing lifesaving potable water to thousands of Sabwa residents.

  • $8,000 will construct a solar water well that will help several thousand Yemeni refugees