Educational Needs of Refugee Youth

19 November, 2015 Lebanon, Education
One of our main initiatives for 2016 is to increase focus on education, helping underprivileged children/youth realize their true potential in distressed communities.

IDRF is aware that rehabilitation of Syrian Youth Education is an urgent need. Therefore one of our latest undertaking to further our ENABLING EDUCATION campaign is aimed at Syrian children and is spearheaded by Young Professional Council of IDRF (IDRF-YPC).

Through a partnership in Lebanon with Consultant Advocacy for Remedial Education (CARE) – a non-profit that conducts vocational training for special needs children – IDRF will be training teachers from JUSOOR, a school serving refugee children. 

The conflict in Syria and the subsequent displacement of families has deprived millions of children of quality education which they were previously receiving. And these children are now exhibiting learning difficulties due to their traumatic displacement. The IDRF-YPC project aims to help such children by training teachers to equip them with the skills to address special educational needs of children in such extraordinary circumstances. Currently, 1,200 students are enrolled at JUSOOR. Through training, 31 educators will garner much needed tools and strategies and will be better able to support those students identified as having special needs. The project will help provide quality education that re-integrates children back into learning. Whether the children remain at refugee camps, immigrate elsewhere or return to their homeland they will have a better chance of realizing their potential through programs in the fields of education, career development, and global community engagement.

Photo: UNHCR/S.Baldwin


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