Emergency Aid for Floods

02 May, 2018 Kenya, Somalia, Emergency Response
IDRF appeals to all Canadians to help the people of Somalia and Kenya who are facing flash flooding as a result of immensely heavy rainfalls. Already over 250,000 people have been displaced and more than a 100 have lost lives. The rains are expected to continue and half a million people in the region are at risk of displacement and communicable diseases.

The effect is particularly dire in the makeshift camps, where 2 million displaced Somalis had taken refuge from the fierce fighting in their country. Children, women and the elderly are now struggling to survive with no food or clean water while their shelters are knee-high full of stagnant water.

There is grave concern that this disaster will cause an outbreak of diseases such as cholera, malaria and dysentery.

& help IDRF provide urgently needed relief aid, including food, shelter and Family Emergency Kits which include buckets, water filters, and soap.


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