Gaza Winterization

24 January, 2019 Palestine, Emergency Response
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Living conditions in Gaza, Palestine remain very bleak: As a result of an ongoing blockade that has been imposed on the region and three military assaults since 2008, this has triggered a sharp rise in unemployment, low purchasing power, high inflation and massive infrastructure damage. Thousands of families are unable to return home, forcing them to live in sub-standard or overcrowded conditions. The current electricity crisis in Gaza means that electricity is only available for four hours per day, which represents an additional struggle for thousands of families as winter weather conditions worsen.

IDRF’s three month emergency project will address the needs of some of the most marginalized families and their children in Rafah, southern Gaza, Palestine by providing families and children with warm winter clothing and blankets.

How you can help:

For only $65, you can provide a package of children’s clothing containing:
• 1 Winter Jacket
• 1 Pair of Denim Trousers
• 2 Woolen jumpers (Sweaters)
• 4 Pyjamas
• 3 pairs of socks
• 2 pairs of underwear
• 1 hat, scarf and pair of gloves

Or for $60, you can provide two warm blankets for families.

Your contributions can provide lifesaving warmth for dozens of families and hundreds of children so they can last through the harsh, inclement winter weather.

Note: At IDRF we are committed to managing your funds and being accountable to you as our donors with full transparency. To do this, we are committed to ensuring that the funds you have selected are designated to the appropriate country. In the event IDRF receives funds that cannot be designated to the country selected, then please know that the funds will be redirected to support other vulnerable communities that are in urgent need.