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04 April, 2019 Pakistan, Education
Across Pakistan, government schools face significant challenges in providing quality education to their students.

Good food and education fuels learning – IDRF’s Zindagi Trust project.

Inadequate financing, poor governance, outdated curricula, deteriorated infrastructure and substandard teaching staff continues to result in low student enrollment and retention rates.

In addition, systemic barriers in the education system further hinder the ability of girls and women to access education. As a result of this troubling trend, the female literacy rate ranks consistently below that of males and is more pronounced for females residing in the rural and remote regions of Pakistan.

Our Response
IDRF supports girl’s education in Pakistan through a diverse breakfast and academic curriculum at the Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School. 900 female students are participating in various enriching programs and receive a nutritious breakfast every day. This year, we are also fostering the professional development of 65 male and female educators; led by a skills development team, these teachers are learning how to improve their daily lesson plans and diversify their teaching strategies.

Please contribute to our Girl’s education project and continue to fuel the educational journey of these bright young minds.


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