Building homes and providing clean water in rural Pakistan

06 April, 2015 Pakistan, Emergency Response, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
Residents of Mazar Khan, a rural village in Sindh, Pakistan, still experience the effects of the 2010 and 2011 floods that devastated the country. Unfortunately, the village never received any support to rebuild its infrastructure in the aftermath of these calamities. Mazar Khan is located in District Dadu, an area prone to extreme heat and heavy rains, which makes the need for durable homes critical.

Our Response:

Thanks to support from the Muslim Welfare Centre in Canada, IDRF is constructing 30 shelters and installing four hand pumps and 45 latrines for poor families in Mazar Khan. This project provides over 200 people with the security of living in a durable home, constructed with bricks, which can withstand extreme weather.

IDRF is also installing hand pumps to provide reliable access to clean water for residents of the village. This helps women and young girls who are no longer tasked with trekking long, often dangerous distances to fetch water for the family. The project also installs latrines which ensures that all families have improved access to sanitation. To further improve the residents’ quality of life, this project is also conducting health and hygiene sessions to promote hand washing and safe food handling, which will improve the overall health of village residents

With your additional support, IDRF will fulfill its goal of helping communities in rural Pakistan gain access to the shelter, water and sanitation necessary to live with fewer hardships and greater dignity.


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