Palestinian refugees in Thailand

21 May, 2019 Palestine, Emergency Response

Palestinian refugees are one of the most beleaguered groups in the world: their native land has been embroiled in a protracted conflict for generations, with no end in sight.

For over ten years, their lives have been further hampered by the Gaza blockade. Many are forced to leave their homes and seek safety for their families in any country that would accept them. In the past, a large number of Palestinians had found asylum in Syria and begun to build their lives there. But with the horrendous conflict taking place, they fled again. Some travelled to Thailand, but their safe haven was short-lived: in November 2018, Thai authorities cracked down on the number of Palestinian refugees in Thailand.

Under international law, these Palestinians are refugees, but Thailand is a not a signatory to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and the Thai Immigration Act of 1979 views anyone overstaying their visa as an undocumented migrant, including asylum seekers and refugees. These refugees are therefore unable to send their children to school, and because they cannot work legally, they find it difficult to secure even basic necessities, such as food.

Many refugees are also subject to arrest and indefinite detention for “overstaying their visit visa”. Recently, a number of Palestinian refugees have been detained and processed through local jails and into overcrowded detention centres, including Suan Phlu IDC in Bangkok, which is renowned for its unsanitary and poor living conditions.

Our work:

To help provide a buoy of hope, IDRF has joined hands with CAS and CPSA to give charitable assistance to these vulnerable Palestinians in Thailand. With your generous support, we will provide the refugees with the necessary help they need, and give them hope for better lives in the future.

Please donate generously to “Palestinian refugees in Thailand” and help us to rebuild their lives.

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