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27 October, 2018 Yemen, Emergency Response

The humanitarian situation in Yemen remains the most critical in the world. Over 20 million people (three-quarters of the population) need humanitarian aid and 2.3 million people have been displaced since the conflict began in March 2015. Yemen’s economy, infrastructure, and the availability of basic social services have all been devastated – famine and water-borne diseases such as cholera have spread as a direct result of the conflict.



Our work with the International Blue Crescent is helping to save lives by providing food, water and medical services to vulnerable people in Yemen.

Our project is three-fold:

  • We are distributing monthly food packages to 1,000 IDP families that have fled from fighting in Hodeidah to Mukalla city and are currently living in Abian and Lahj camps. Each family will receive enough food to last for two months.
  • 5 solar-powered water wells are being installed in Sabwa town, which will provide potable water to thousands of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The town’s current infrastructure is overwhelmed by the influx of IDPs and there is a shortage of water.
  • We have provided Yemeni partners with an ambulance to deliver patients from the Lahj and Abian camps to the Alosra Specialized Hospital operating in Mukalla. This is playing an important role in helping local authorities respond to and treat emergency cases.


Your support can continue to help us provide over 130,000 at-risk people with the emergency resources that they need to survive.

Note: IDRF is committed to managing the resources entrusted to us in a transparent and responsible manner. This includes ensuring specified funds for countries are spent accordingly. However, should IDRF receive funds which, for various reasons, are not eligible for the designated programs, donations will be allocated towards areas most needed to safeguard other vulnerable communities.

Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images


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