Providing lifeblood to East Jerusalem

09 August, 2017 Palestine, Emergency Response
Clashes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have resulted in the deaths of four civilians, over a thousand injuries, and a hospital that is badly under-resourced and in need of essential blood supplies.


Tensions in the East Jerusalem and the West Bank have resulted in the deaths of four civilians, with over a 1,000 more injured, ranging in age from 14-65 years. In the midst of this conflict, The Al-Makassed Hospital (which has the only adequately equipped emergency room in East Jerusalem) has been overwhelmed with the latest round of Palestinian casualties, placing a severe strain on the hospital’s limited resources.


With your continued support, we can help replenish the Al-Makassed Hospital’s blood supplies so they can continue to provide lifesaving support to victims of this intractable conflict. Join us to provide health, hope, and dignity to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.



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