Response to Sierra Leone Floods

22 August, 2017 Sierra Leone, Emergency Response
On August 15th, the city of Freetown, Sierra Leone suffered from floods that led to devastating mudslides, resulting in what local government is calling the most devastating floods the capital has ever experienced. Recent estimates of the impact of the flood and mudslide’s are 400 dead, with an additional 800 unaccounted for and another 20,000 residents who are displaced. 75% of those affected are estimated to be women and children.

Currently, residents of Sierra Leone are in dire need of water, proper sanitation and shelter; it is reported that water borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and diarrhea are likely to occur (Cases of Cholera have already been reported).

With Sierra Leone’s overburdened and under resourced health system already suffering from the Ebola Crisis that occurred just two years ago, it is more critical than ever that Sierra Leoneans receive the urgent emergency relief they need to recover from this natural disasters.



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