Sustainable Farming

14 November, 2016 Palestine, Economic Development
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The 2014 conflict in Gaza, Palestine wreaked tremendous harm on the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers, inflicting over $500 million (USD) in damages to the Palestinian agricultural sector. This, in turn, negatively affected approximately 24,000 farmer families and their livelihoods. Because of the immense damage to Palestinian farms, over 860,000 (60%) Palestinian refugees rely on food aid from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNWRA).

Our Impact

Through this project, we are in the process of rehabilitating 115 dunams (acres) of agricultural lands for 60 small scale farmers so that they can restore their damaged property, resume planting and farm production. This process will create jobs for local unemployed labourers, helping to provide them with over six years (1500 working days) of work and enable them to connect with communities to sell their produce (their yields will be purchased for IDRF’s 2018 Fitrah project). Thanks to your tremendous support, we are providing local farmers with a sustainable work that will benefit their families and community for years.

Note: At IDRF we are committed to managing your funds and being accountable to you as our donors with full transparency. To do this, we are committed to ensuring that the funds you have selected are designated to the appropriate country. In the event IDRF receives funds that cannot be designated to the country selected, then please know that the funds will be redirected to support other vulnerable communities that are in urgent need.