Somalian Response

10 January, 2017 Somalia, Emergency Response
Severe drought conditions continue to compound the humanitarian situation in several parts of Somalia. An estimated 5.4 million people, including 2.8 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance and almost 500,000 people will be in immediate need of food aid. Famine remains a risk in many areas with 1.8 million children projected to be malnourished in 2018.


Since May 2017, along with our local partners, we are providing short-term emergency kits for families who are situated in eight internally displaced persons (IDP) camps, including Gumary, Galosha, Wargabo, Bashaqle and Bismilahi.

We are pleased to report that, by early 2018, despite obstacles faced by all aid agencies, the emergency kits that had been packed in Canada were all safely distributed to needy families in Somalia.

During The holy Month of Ramadan, we are pleased to continue distributing food parcels that is has enough food for a whole month for a family. We also have plans to distribute Water Filteration Kits that provide clean water for a Somali family up to 1 year.

Your continued generous support will make the difference between life and death for people who are living through one of the worst droughts that East Africa has experienced in years.


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