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09 December, 2015 Pakistan, Health
Availability of basic health structure is almost absent in the impoverished and drought afflicted district of Tharparkar, Pakistanand as such, thousands of women & children die every year from health issues that could be treated and prevented . Women’s health is particularly neglected, as is the case in many remote villages of Pakistan.

Only 14% of births are attended by skilled birth attendants, and among women who conceived in the past 3 years, fewer than half made one antenatal visit. The district ranks last in Sindh province in terms of access to improved drinking water and sanitation. Fewer than half of the children are fully immunized and only 60% children younger than a year are immunized against measles. The infant mortality rate is 87 per 1000 live births and maternal mortality rate 297 per 100 000 live births.

IDRF has partnered with the Pakistan National Forum on Women Health (PNFWH) to train students in midwifery as per guidelines and approved curriculum of Pakistan Nursing council in Sindh.

The community midwifery initiative is a model project and the trained midwives will establish their birthing station in the community which will provide maternal and child health care and become a source of income for the midwives.


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