Wildfires are devastating BC

A combination of hot and dry conditions, wind gusts, and lightning storms have led to a series of devastating forest fires that have ravaged large swathes of forest in the Cariboo, Kamloops and southeast regions of British Columbia. British Columbia has declared a state of emergency as more than 54,000 people have been forced from their homes. Fire containment efforts are ongoing, with over 1,000 firefighters battling the 230 forest fires burning across the province.

Our ask: You helped us raise $250,000 for the people of Fort McMurray, Alberta in their time of need and now we are asking again for your support. Join us to provide critical relief support for the affected people of Cariboo, Kamloops and the southeast regions of British Columbia.

The time to act is now.

Eid Mubarak- Thank you for your support!


Dear Friends and Supporters of IDRF,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tremendous support and generosity during the Month of Ramadan.

This year, we had the opportunity to travel around the country where we met many new and some familiar faces that came together to make their mark and to “Be Remarkable” this Ramadan.

Together we raised fundraising dollars through events, mosques, online and raised awareness and engaged communities in our Famine Relief Packing events.

This Ramadan alone, I am pleased to announce that with your support we made a mark in the lives of many vulnerable people.
Here’s what we were able to accomplish! Together we:

  • Distributed 1 Million Meals in Ramadan in East Africa
  • Provided 10,500 people in Somalia with clean drinking water for 1 year. This was made possible by your donations of 1500 water filtration kits.
  • Provided clean drinking water and food aid in Gaza, Syria, India and Pakistan
  • Provided educational and mental health supports for orphans and vulnerable children in countries including Lebanon and Guyana.

So dear friends and supporters, I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to support some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We are truly honoured for your faith in IDRF and the work we continue to do.

Together, we can and we will save lives and rebuild communities.

Thank you again and we wish you all a safe and happy Eid-ul-Fitr!


Zeib Jeeva
IDRF Chair

IDRF Famine Relief Events

To address the famine in East Africa, IDRF is working along with the local community to pack vital Famine Relief kits which are being sent to those most affected.

IDRF is distributing food and water to 15,000 people in the Baidoa (Bay) and Garasbaley (Banadir) areas. Water is provided daily and each family can take 60 L of water. Food is provided in parcels; each parcel has enough food for a whole month for a family.

Ramdan Mubarak – Are you ready to be remarkable?

This Ramadan, make your mark by joining our Be Remarkable campaign.

What is the Be Remarkable Campaign?
By supporting IDRF, this Ramadan “Be Remarkable”. You can do this by supporting any of our
1mark campaigns.

1 Million Meals initiative provides three meals a day and clean water for individuals and
families in famine affected regions of Ease Africa. Three years of drought conditions has
left nearly 13 million people in Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia at risk of
starvation. An approximate 600,000 children under five will soon suffer from extreme

1 Drop initiative seeks to provide access to clean water to those impacted by drought and
conflict such as Palestine, India, Pakistan and Syria. In many parts of the world, women
and children walk over 10 kilometres, multiple times a day, to bring clean water to their
families. This includes packaging and sending out water kits that can be life-saving.

1 Seed initiative seeks to provide farmers in Palestine with the supports they need to gain
access to water and to seeds so that they can grow produce, which IDRF purchases to
support local families which then benefits local farmers.

1 Child initiative supports orphan sponsorship program for vulnerable children and gives
them access to education, mental health support and clean water so that they can
construct stronger futures for themselves including in Guyana, Pakistan and India. The
most innocent and vulnerable among us are the children.

Million Meals

After three years of drought conditions have devastated crops and livestock in the East African region, nearly 13 million people in Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia are at risk of starvation with an approximate 600,000 children under five who will soon suffer from extreme malnutrition.

On April 9th, IDRF is committed to responding to this crisis by launching its One Million Meals Campaign at the Bring Hope to East Africa fundraising dinner at Woodbine Banquet Hall in Etobicoke.

IDRF is currently on the ground in Kenya, providing emergency food assistance and 3 meals a day to those affected as well trucking in clean water. With the support of generous donors, IDRF will continue to expand its emergency relief efforts into Somalia where food parcels, such as rice, flour, sugar, oil, and dried vegetables as well as water trucking and water purification kits will be distributed throughout the Baidoa (Bay Region) and Grarasbaley (Banaadir Region).

IDRF Chair, Zeib Jeeva, echoes the need to provide urgent relief aid to this famine-affected region.

The One Million Meals Campaign is aimed at providing a million meals to those affected by famine, drought and/or those living in emergency and war-torn areas of the world. We are beginning this campaign with a focus on East Africa, as the situation there is dire and the need is great.


UN Photo / Albert González Farran