Program Focus

IDRF Economic Development programs assist youth, women, and men challenged by poverty, to become self-reliant. IDRF assists program participants by training them in useful vocations as per their abilities and community requirements.

How do we do it?

Our Impact

Providing 7,000 individuals and their families with a way out of poverty through employment.

Ensure that programs offer resources as well as training when possible, to launch programs effectively.

Specifically target communities with chronic levels of precarious employment, providing training in high-demand fields.

Technology and In Demand Career Training

Effective job skills training focuses on careers and trades that are in demand today and that will be in demand tomorrow. IDRF provides training in emerging fields with high opportunities for employment. We also build computer literacy, which can significant increase an individual’s prospects of finding sustainable employment or running their own business to increase their financial independence.


IDRF provided embroidery, sewing, tailoring, shawl dyeing and entrepreneurial training for women in Pakistan.


IDRF provided computers, software and training for 150 orphaned youth and young adults to increase their employability and job skills. The majority of the youth are now employed or enrolled in University, and help to train other youth in improving computer literacy.

Entrepreneurship (Business Skills Training)

In the countries where we work, many people run their own businesses and need to know how to do so effectively. IDRF provides entrepreneurship training in basic accounting, marketing, and sales in order to assist beneficiaries to maximize profit and transfer their skills into the marketplace.


IDRF provided training in keeping a basic ledger, determining profit, and minimizing business risk for 3,400 women in 4 districts of Haiti affected by the earthquake.


For the past two years IDRF has trained 50 newcomer women from diverse backgrounds in culinary skills and business development. Many graduates have gone to work in the restaurant or food industry, while others have started operating their own catering businesses from home.

Livestock, Fisheries and Agriculture Training

IDRF provides training in animal care and husbandry, fishing, and agricultural practices to beneficiaries to provide food for themselves as well as to bring to market in a contextually appropriate and sustainable way.


IDRF provided support to develop an agricultural program for schools in Garissa that included animal husbandry and milk collection as well as a gardening aspect.


IDRF provided 84 low-income, women-headed households with a package of material, plant, and animal resources, as well as training and veterinary support, for sustainable start of up a home farm. Families were able to earn an average of CAD$100 per month as a result.

Why support IDRF’s Economic Development programs?

Nearly half of the world’s population, more than 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty, less than $1.25 a day.

Creating economic development opportunities is vital to sustainable development. Women and youth in particular are often marginalized in the workforce. We must create programs that provide these groups with useful skills and opportunities.

Whether focusing on training people in skills that will lead to gainful employment or giving individuals the physical tools required for work, economic development is directly linked to long term financial independence.

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