Food & Nutrition


Program Focus

IDRF food security and nutrition programs provide access to and education about improved, sustainable food access in order to address malnutrition and its impacts.

How do we do it?

Our Impact

Provided nutrition programs to 20,000+ people, mainly women & children.

Integrate an awareness of the impact of climate change on crop viability and land usage.

Ensure healthy breakfast to hundreds of students across South Asia.

Resilient Farming Training

IDRF provides communities with the resources and training necessary to ensure regular access to healthy food. Our initiatives train people to safely and effectively grow their own food to provide for themselves and their families.


IDRF increased food security for 300 women in Garissa County by supplying farming tools and training on agricultural management to increase their production and how to maintain crops. We also provided iron and vitamin supplements to assist with the onset of malnutrition which occurred as a result of recent floods.


IDRF has established a community garden, community kitchen and comprehensive training program in gardening, food preparation, handling and preservation for expectant and new mothers living with HIV in Lusaka District. This has been hugely successful and we are working on expanding this project to 4 new districts in Zambia.

School Nutrition Programs

Working in schools, IDRF provides healthy food options as well as education to children and their parents to improve the overall nutrition of young people.


IDRF is providing regular breakfast to 310 kindergarten students. Previously, there were reports of children fainting during the day due to lack of food, but now they are coming to class with higher energy levels and are more prepared to learn.



IDRF provides healthy food and potable water to the students enrolled in our partner school in Surat. As well, children are learning about the importance of consuming nutritious food when possible.

Nutrition Supplements and Education

Sometimes, due to severe malnutrition due to hunger or existing health issues, people need nutritional supplements in addition to food to ensure that they stay healthy. This is particularly important for growing children, young girls, pregnant women, and seniors. IDRF provides nutritional supplements and education concerning supplements, as they instantly bridge the nutritional gaps that some beneficiaries maybe experiencing.


IDRF distributed prenatal and antenatal supplements to pregnant women, along with healthy food to support them during pregnancy.

Why support IDRF’s Food & Nutrition programs?

Approximately 805 million people do not have enough food to eat. That’s approximately one in nine people in this world. The vast majority of those that live in hunger reside in developing countries.

Global demand for food production is estimated to double by Soil erosion, lack of water, inefficient use of current agriculture land, and the conversion of forests into farm land, is resulting in lack of sufficient food stores, and the depletion of forests and natural resources. As resources become scarce, competition for access increases. This can result in mass internal displacement, conflict, and instability.

Activities that create opportunities to enhance food security and promote smart food choices can reduce poverty in the long term and eliminate the fear of not knowing where your next meal is coming from.

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