Program Focus

IDRF food security and nutrition programs provide access to and education about improved, sustainable food access in order to address malnutrition and its impacts.

How do we do it?

Providing Shelther to Rohingya Refugees

High vulnerability and lack of essential resources persist for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Since August 2017, over 723,000 Rohingya refugees fled from Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh to seek refuge in temporary shelters following an ethnic cleansing campaign in the Northern Rakhine State.

Emergency Relief for Uyghurs

As a direct result of the brutal oppression against Uyghur Turks, tens of thousands of Uyghur Turk families have fled to Turkey for their safety. Most of them are living in primitive conditions around Istanbul, Kayseri, Eskisehir and Ankara provinces.

Syria Food Security

After the Turkish “Peace Spring” operation in North Syria, approximately 160,000 people have left their homes in Rasul-Ayn and Tal-Abyad, moving South and Southwest for safety and shelter.

Providing Food Relief to Yemen

Over 20 million people in Yemen, two thirds of the population, are in risk of serious health conditions or even death due to severe food insecurity.

Support for Rohingya

More than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh since August 25th, amidst allegations of mass killings and the systematic burning of Rohingya villages

Our Impact

Why support IDRF’s Food & Nutrition programs?

Approximately 805 million people do not have enough food to eat. That’s approximately one in nine people in this world. The vast majority of those that live in hunger reside in developing countries.

Global demand for food production is estimated to double by Soil erosion, lack of water, inefficient use of current agriculture land, and the conversion of forests into farm land, is resulting in lack of sufficient food stores, and the depletion of forests and natural resources. As resources become scarce, competition for access increases. This can result in mass internal displacement, conflict, and instability.

Activities that create opportunities to enhance food security and promote smart food choices can reduce poverty in the long term and eliminate the fear of not knowing where your next meal is coming from.

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