IDRF Golf Tournament 2017

Thank you to all those who attended the IDRF Annual Golf Tournament 2017 and making it a complete success.

Our goal was to bring awareness to our local, Canadian educational project Licensed 2 Learn.


We all know that education is the cornerstone of a person’s intellectual growth, opening future doors and opportunities. But in Canada, when students want help, they have limited places to turn to.

The challenge of catching up to their peers is then intensified when the high cost of tutoring can be out of reach for many students from lower income backgrounds, resulting in achievement gaps.

Licensed to Learn (L2L) was created in 2002 to close this achievement gap by providing struggling students with support when they need it. Through a flexible and collaborative program under the guidance of educators (each with over 25 years of experience), L2L is enabling these students to receive tutoring from their peers. In turn, the student mentors receive the satisfaction of supporting and teaching their peers while also achieving personal growth.

IDRF is proud that L2L currently has nearly 90 active school programs across the GTA. The impact among students and volunteers has been tremendous: 52,000 volunteer hours (students and educators) in the 2016-17 school year and 362,000 total hours of positive youth engagement over the last 15 years have been logged, respectively. In addition, over 20,000 students have been reached over the full span of the program. Both peer students and mentors alike have reported that they have been greatly satisfied with the program, with 95% of the students recommending the L2L program to their peers.

By joining us at our Golf Tournament on September 10th, you were instrumental at enabling young people to receive the necessary academic support that they need to succeed and thrive.