Million Meals

After three years of drought conditions have devastated crops and livestock in the East African region, nearly 13 million people in Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia are at risk of starvation with an approximate 600,000 children under five who will soon suffer from extreme malnutrition.

On April 9th, IDRF is committed to responding to this crisis by launching its One Million Meals Campaign at the Bring Hope to East Africa fundraising dinner at Woodbine Banquet Hall in Etobicoke.

IDRF is currently on the ground in Kenya, providing emergency food assistance and 3 meals a day to those affected as well trucking in clean water. With the support of generous donors, IDRF will continue to expand its emergency relief efforts into Somalia where food parcels, such as rice, flour, sugar, oil, and dried vegetables as well as water trucking and water purification kits will be distributed throughout the Baidoa (Bay Region) and Grarasbaley (Banaadir Region).

IDRF Chair, Zeib Jeeva, echoes the need to provide urgent relief aid to this famine-affected region.

The One Million Meals Campaign is aimed at providing a million meals to those affected by famine, drought and/or those living in emergency and war-torn areas of the world. We are beginning this campaign with a focus on East Africa, as the situation there is dire and the need is great.


UN Photo / Albert González Farran