Our National Presence


For over 33 years, IDRF, a Canadian not-for-profit, has provided relief aid and development to some of the world’s most vulnerable people including those right here at home in Canada. As our national presence continues to grow, so too does our ability to generate more support from our donors and community partners. More support from you means we can make an even greater impact in our communities for a better future for all Canadians.

In the past few years, IDRF Representatives in various cities across Canada have been providing tremendous assistance. They ensure that their communities are kept informed about IDRF efforts and are particularly helpful in distributing IDRF reports and literature. Their dedication and assistance has proven to be invaluable.

National Representatives

Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Aarij Anwer

Community Development Manager, IDRF

Aarij brings with him his Islamic education as well as experience working and fundraising both within and for the mosques within the GTA. He has also worked in Corporate Canada and has experience engaging with the mainstream community. Aarij holds a B.A in Computer Science from Waterloo, as well as a BA in Fiqh and Usool from Al-Madinah International University (Malaysia) and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto.


Assem Fadel


Shabir Haniff


Abdul Ghafoor Chaudhry


Bilal Hakim

Community Development Manager, IDRF

Bilal is based in Ottawa and has over 15 years of successful sales and marketing experience. Bilal holds a B.A in Biology and Economics from McMaster University and has completed a number of executive management certificates from Universities including Cornell, Oxford and Princeton University.

Dr. Hussien Mouftah


Kalim Ullah Khan
Nighat & Jalal Hussain


Nayyar & Hamid Javed


Shafqat Malik, M.A., CMA (UK)

Chair, IDRF, Calgary Chapter

Shafqat Malik is the current Chair of IDRF Calgary Chapter and has been involved with the IDRF Calgary Board since 2009. He has served as Finance Director and worked closely with the IDRF Youth Board since its inception. In his career, Chair Malik has garnered significant business management experience by working for companies like Aramco and Jacobs Canada Inc, managing multimillion dollar portfolios. His philanthropic involvement also includes working with other not for profit organizations, including serving as Director of Finance for Islamic Association of Northwest Calgary and as the current President of Desi Golf Academy, Alberta.

Dr. Abdul Rahman, M.D., FRCPC, MRC Psych
Past Chair, IDRF, Calgary Chapter

Dr. Abdul Rahman is the past Chair of the IDRF Calgary Chapter and has been involved with IDRF since 2009. Dr. Rahman’s philanthropic involvement is extensive, creating the MOSAIC Volunteers Association, which strives to foster volunteerism among young Muslims and provides career and skills training opportunities for Southern Alberta Youth. He is also a founding member of Patients’ Welfare Association, which provides essential medical services for the underprivileged of Pakistan. In his professional life, Dr. Rahman is Division Chief/Section Chief of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Clinical Medical Director of Neuropsychiatry Service of CAAMHP and Clinical Associate Professor of the University of Calgary.

Dr. Qamar Malik, M.Sc., Ph.D.
General Secretary, IDRF, Calgary Chapter

Dr. Qamar Malik serves as the General Secretary for IDRF Calgary and has worked as Director of Environmental Affairs for the Chapter since 2009. In addition to his service for IDRF, Secretary Malik is also involved in other not for profit organizations, including working as a Project Director for USAID and serving as a member on boards of directors for oil and gas corporations. He currently sits on the Advisory Board for MOSAIC Volunteer’s Association. Dr. Malik has also been actively involved with a school construction project in Darya Khan, Pakistan, which is part of flood rehabilitation efforts for that community.

Habib Abdullah, P.Eng
Director of Finance, IDRF, Calgary Chapter

As the Director of Finance, Habib Adullah has been a long standing member of IDRF, serving as a member of the Patron’s Council of the IDRF Calgary Chapter. Among his philanthropic endeavours, Habib has been involved with the Pakistan Canada Association as its Vice President and as President of United Way and MOSAIC Volunteer’s Association. Currently, Habib is a member of the Calgary Police Diversity Resource Team and a Director of the Islamic Association of Calgary. He currently serves as a Senior Program Manager for the University of Calgary.

Ahmer Nadeem Memon, B.Sc. Eng, LLB
Director of Communication and Media, IDRF, Calgary Chapter

Ahmer Nadeem Memon is the Director of Communication and Media for IDRF Calgary Chapter. His involvement with IDRF also includes volunteering for the Thar Midwifery project and helping to install hand pumps and water wells in the Thar Desert of Sindh province, Pakistan. Ahmer serves on the boards of other organizations, including Indus Canada Association, South Asian Community Services and as a member of Lions Club Pakistan. In recognition of his commitment to philanthropy, Ahmer was awarded with the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2005.


Dilshad Karim
Sam Rizvi

Nova Scotia - Halifax

Dr. Vahdet Ketene

Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown

Sohail Hashmi

New Brunswick - St. John

Dr. Kamil Kazi


As a proudly Canadian-founded and Canadian headquartered organization, IDRF is uniquely and ideally positioned to respond to the needs of Canadians from coast to coast to coast, and to develop and deliver innovative solutions to the challenges of our future.


Since 1984, IDRF has implemented relief and development projects across the world