At IDRF we are committed to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable people can live with dignity and become self-reliant.

This Ramadan your donation of Zakat, Sadaqah, Fitrah and Fidya/Kafara can help provide 10 million meals, clean water, and sustainable programming to those who need it to the most

Our 10 Million Meals initiative provides three meals a day for families in Somalia, Syria, Yemen and for Rohingya Refugees

$60 feeds a family in Somalia, Yemen, Syria and Rohingya Refugees for 1 month

Our 1 Drop initiative provides clean water to those impacted by drought and conflict in Pakistan, Palestine, Yemen and Somalia.

$100 Provides clean drinking water to vulnerable individuals in Somalia, Gaza, Pakistan and Yemen

Our Fitrah project provides food parcels and Eid gifts to vulnerable families in Gaza, Palestine. The food parcels are purchased from over 100 small-scale Gaza farmers and women co-operatives.

$10 ensures nutritious food for the most impoverished families in Gaza during this holy month of Ramadan

The 2014 conflict in Gaza, Palestine wreaked tremendous harm on the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers, inflicting over $500 million (USD) in damages to the Palestinian agricultural sector.

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Note: At IDRF we are committed to managing your funds and being accountable to you as our donors with full transparency. To do this, we are committed to ensuring that the funds you have selected are designated to the appropriate country. In the event IDRF receives funds that cannot be designated to the country selected, then please know that the funds will be redirected to support other vulnerable communities that are in urgent need.