Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions in regards to
IDRF’s BeRemarkable Ramadan Campaign

What is the BeRemarkable Campaign?

The Be Remarkable Campaign is a major fundraising drive during the month of Ramadan that seeks to raise funds for IDRF’s emergency and development projects. This campaign is comprised of 3 primary initiatives: 1 Million Meals, 1 Drop, Fitrah, which each focus on providing food, water, education and healthcare to at-risk people.

How can I make a Donation to IDRF:

Making a donation to IDRF is easy. You can donate:

  • Online at www.idrf.com/ramadan
  • Call: 416-497-0818 or  toll free at 1 866-497-IDRF (4373). during regular business hours Mon- Fri . 8 a.m – 5 pm EST and speak to a IDRF staff member who will be pleased to help you make your donation.
  • On the Phone Text “IDRF” to 30333 for a $10 Donation
  • Mail your donation to our address at 908 The East Mall, Etobicoke, Ontario M9B 6K2, Canada.

Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

IDRF provides a tax creditable receipt for ALL donations $10 and up.
This includes all religious contributions such as Zakat, Fitrah, Sadaqah, Fidya and  Qurbani.

Tell me about your Zakat eligible programs

All our Be Remarkable Ramadan campaign programs qualify for Zakat.
To view them, please click on the following link here:

How is Zakat calculated?

For convenience, we have provided our Zakat Calculator to help you tabulate your contribution.
Click here to find out what your contribution is.

Can I sponsor an individual orphan through IDRF?

IDRF does not “sponsor” individual orphans in the traditional sense, for a variety of ethical reasons.

However, we do have a special focus on orphans and the neediest and neglected children in countries such as India, Pakistan, Guyana, Gaza and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Your donations will greatly help IDRF conduct our work as, through our partners, we carry out special education, mental and physical health projects that support and provide food, clothes, books and stationary to some of the most disadvantaged people. These crucial tools will help improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children to ensure that their future is brighter.