Welcome Refugees

We are delighted to announce that Syrian Refugee families sponsored through IDRF have begun to arrive in Toronto.  

IDRF’s sponsoring groups are thrilled to welcome them and give them safe refuge in Canada which they will now call Home.

IDRF is most grateful to all our Sponsors for their marvelous generosity. We also appreciate the work of our Sponsorship Agreement Holder Afghan Women’s Organization, for its excellent assistance in helping us through this initial process and the successful sponsoring of Syrian families in need.

Together, IDRF and our supporters are working closely with the Syrian community and are sponsoring Syrian refugee families to come to Canada. Working in collaboration with local Sponsorship Agreement Holders and community sponsorship groups, IDRF is assisting Syrian refugees to settle in the Greater Toronto Area.

As well, IDRF is fully committed to increasing its local programming for refugees and new immigrants to Canada, who often find themselves trapped in poverty due to isolation and lack of employment.

In the past several years IDRF has worked to support refugees and newcomers to Canada through economic development projects that facilitate opportunities for greater participation. You can read more about those here.

Welcome Syrian Refugees to Canada with IDRF!