Women Learning to Code

IDRF is excited to announce that our Women Learning to Code and Take Leadership program is about embark on its second year! With support of the United Way Greater Toronto and Women United, IDRF will provide young women (ages 18-29) free coding classes to introduce them into the world of tech. Participants will learn HTML5 and CSS3 to build websites, understand the technologies behind them and perhaps even consider careers in computer programming and software development.

Tech is the fasting growing industry in the world, yet it faces a significant gender imbalance, as women only makeup 25% of those working in the sector. Women Learning to Code and Take Leadership is designed to remove barriers and help young women develop their digital skills.

If you are between the ages of 18-29 and interested in this program, please complete application form by clicking on the following link:


An Evening with Women Leaders in Tech

In the first year of our program, IDRF hosted an event to celebrate the successes of The Women Learn to Code graduates and also highlighted the career paths in the STEM sector. In a panel discussion, Huda Idrees (Founder & CEO of Dot Health), Tory Shoreman (Frontend Developer at Beamworks ES) and Naba Siddiqui (DevOps Engineer, RBC) engaged with our participants by sharing their experience of pursuing careers in the STEM sector. It was an informative and engaging evening that reminded the current coding participants that their job prospects and futures remain bright with the new skills that they have acquired.


Fatima Altaf

Fatima Altaf’s journey to the coding program was truly commendable. In the summer of 2018, she shared a challenging experience from her time in high school with us. “I wasn’t good at Math and Science and struggled a lot. My grade 9 Science teacher had his favourites and sat them in the first two rows. The rest of us sat in the back. He told me I should switch from the advance class to general. It really hurt my self- esteem.” She was only 14 years old and the experience shook her confidence.

Fourteen years later, Fatima learned about the IDRF Women Learn to Code program and signed up. From August to September, she completed the intermediary web training course through Lighthouse Labs. Her web skills are now exceptional and her previous ambivalence towards the STEM fields has vanished. Beyond understanding how to use HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, Fatima has developed a newfound confidence and her potential to become a leader in the Tech field.